2 Best Hendrix Songs (on his birthday!)

What are your 2 favorite Hendrix songs?  It’s his birthday today, and most people say “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)” is his best. I’m gonna say it’s TIED for best, with “Purple Haze” – ya see, the first guitar solo I ever learned to play is the one in “Purple Haze” (and I still haven’t learned “Voodoo Child” or “Chile,” for that matter).

So I say those are his 2 best songs. “Crosstown Traffic” is my runner-up.

Jimi was born John Hendrix, and his parents changed his name to James when he was still just a toddler.

As a guitarist, I always found myself listening to those influenced by Hendrix–Frank Marino (Mahogany Rush), Pat Travers, and Stevie Ray Vaughan–more than Hendrix himself. I don’t know why.

But today I listen to Jimi, and I play Jimi (I played “Foxey Lady” on my guitar on KFOX this morning at 7 for my “Mystery Riff”).

Now…if I could only find my wah-wah pedal  🙂


– Chris Jackson





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