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Where to Hide Beer in Your Own House

If you need to keep your beer stash on the “down-low”, here’s a cool beer storage container that looks exactly like a tool box. In fact, it’s also a beer fridge! You may not need to actually hide your beer, but now you won’t even have to walk into the …

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Best Beer Bargain at the Ball Park

Last night at the Oakland Coliseum, I discovered the best beer bargain ever…$4.00 beer in the 4th inning!  After paying $25.00 for two Sierra Nevadas on tap at AT&T Park last weekend, I was ready for a deal.  Full Disclosure: the bargain beer was Bud in specialty can, but still, a deal …

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Say What? $25 for 2 Beers at the James Taylor Concert!

During the James Taylor/Bonnie Raitt show at AT&T Park Saturday night, I went out to buy a couple of beers on tap at the concession stand. When the guy told me “that’ll be $25.00” I literally laughed and said, “okay, sure…now really, how much?”  He assured me it that was the correct price…$25.00 …

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Millennials Aren’t Drinking Enough Beer

Millennials aren’t drinking enough beer. Say what? Well, let’s reframe that…they aren’t drinking enough beer to keep beer companies afloat, at least according to a report on CNBC. Both Boston Beer Company and Constellation Brand were downgraded on Goldman Sach’s data, because younger consumers overall don’t drink as much alcohol as older people, …

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