Best Family Fun in San Jose

The best family fun in San Jose is actually tied with the best family fun in Milpitas. My daughter picks miniature golf over the movies and even over Raging Waters and Great America! The two best mini golf courses on the planet are Golfland San Jose and Golfland Milpitas. I grew up in San Jose, so I just figured all mini golf courses are that good. I found out they’re not.

The mini golf at the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz is like many mini golf courses around the country. It’s flat, and has few visually striking challenges. It’s rare to have a course like Golfland San Jose or Golfland Milpitas.

Which one of those two is better? My daughter says Milpitas, and I say San Jose, (but I love both). We could be biased though: I grew up playing at the Golfland San Jose, and I ended up moving to Milpitas, so she grew up with that Golfland. I’ll give the Milpitas course this: the view of the hills is awesome.

So, which one am I at in the photo? Milpitas! My daughter got to choose that day ~


– Chris Jackson





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