Best Guacamole In the South Bay

I saw this avocado shaped guacamole dish at an Easter party yesterday. I liked the dip so much, I ate out of it for 15 minutes without even realizing the shape and color of the dish matched the food in the dish! (Someone pointed it out to me.)

My pick for best guacamole in the San Jose area is influenced by two things: I love my guacamole made table-side, and I prefer Serrano peppers be chopped in it rather than the milder Jalapeño peppers.

They do both of those things at El Torito–plus they ask you how mashed up you like it! That makes it the best guacamole in the South Bay! I usually go to the one in Milpitas, but I love the ocean view at the El Torito in Monterey, so I go there when I can.

Now if it was only as easy to find a place that serves great deviled eggs ~


– Chris Jackson




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