Best Places in the South Bay to Ride your Motorcycle

Saturday is National Motorcycle Ride Day which means if you have a Harley or any other motorcycle you best be riding that day!

My dad and all his brothers are bikers. They would ride their Harleys to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally every year. Just them and the open road. When it came to family trips, being in South Texas, I’d find myself sitting on the back of my dad’s bike as we rode to Bike Fest on South Padre Island. That was so much fun! I looked forward to it every year.

Now that I’m away from home, I obviously can’t enjoy those things with them anymore but I still want to reminisce. I’ll be getting myself a Harley very soon and want to know some of the best places in the South Bay to go for a ride.

Here are some that I found.

  1. Pacific Coast Highway – This is a given. People come from all over just to drive on this highway that has a spectacular view.
  2. Alice’s Restaurant, Woodside –  This restaurant is a hog haven. On busy weekends, expect to find hundreds of bikes in the parking lot.The drive to Alice’s Restaurant is full of amazing views of the Pacific Ocean, and goes through the Redwood Forest.
  3. Niles Canyon Historic Distric – I know, I know this is in Fremont but it’s apparently a pretty cool ride.  You can definitely sense the Old West vibe, which is also famous for its transcontinental-railroad. Feel free to get lost in its canyons!

If you’ve gone for a few rides around the South Bay or Bay Area in general what are some of the best places to go? Let me know at karina@kfox.com!

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