Men Like Pie

“Men like Pie.” An actual quote from my late Aunt Mabel circa Xmas ’85. Needless to say it has stuck in the family lexicon all these years.  In her honor, let’s make pie…this one rocks~ Merry Christmas! Nancy For a print-out, go to my food blog: Cranberry Chess Pie Cranberry …

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Make It: Cranberry Sauce

Did you grow up eating canned cranberry sauce?  Sure you did. So did and I, and it was delicious, particularly the next day, sliced thin and slipped into a leftover turkey sandwich.  I still like the cranberry-jell-in-a-can, but I’ve also learned to love the homemade variety. Here’s the recipe my …

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Zen in the Midst of Turkey Chaos

Typically, my local grocery store is pretty quiet in the middle of the day, but this is the Monday before Thanksgiving so I encountered a little bit of crazy when I dropped in to get tonight’s dinner. The serious Turkey Day shoppers were already there loading their carts with potatoes, …

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