Celeste Perry

Weeknights (7PM – 12 Midnight)

I landed my first radio gig at a full-tilt rock station when I was still in college. I’ve worked at a bunch of really cool radio stations over the years but I’ve always wanted to get back to my roots. Bring on the Led Zeppelin, The Stones and Aerosmith. I’m thrilled to be at KFOX playing the Best Music that ever was! I’ve lived in Bay Area since the 80s’ and have seen some amazing live shows here, one of my all time favorites–The English Beat opening for The Clash at the Civic Auditorium. Were you there? My husband and I have two sons and one ridiculously spoiled rescue dog. My boys live in Brooklyn now, which is a very cool place to visit, particularly if you like beer gardens, bagels and pizza. We love hiking and biking around the great outdoors, but I’m equally happy to stay indoors and binge on Netflix for days on end.

Besides my life on the radio, you can also catch me on KOFY TV. Hawaii is my hometown, so I’m always looking for some “ono” Hawaiian BBQ–maybe I’ll see you in line at L & L one of these days.

What’s The Coolest Thing To Do In San Jose?

A new survey lists the coolest thing to do in each of California’s 58 counties.  Visiting the Winchester Mystery House gets top marks in Santa Clara county.  Would that be your recommendation for anyone visiting Santa Clara? Here’s the complete list:  COOLEST

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Google App Gives Good Face

My plan was to trick the app into pairing my face with the famous Edvard Munch painting, The Scream.  Even if you don’t have any spare time this weekend, how can you resist the Google Arts and Culture App.  Snap your picture using the app and wait for the results. …

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Shake Shack Coming to Palo Alto

The lines are always around the block when I visit this New York burger spot, so get ready to wait, but at least you won’t have to travel across the country to get your hands on chef Danny Meyer’s delicious burger.  Shake Shack is coming to the Stanford Shopping Center …

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San Jose Mom Dies Of Flu

Katie Oxley Thomas became the 42 Californian under the age of 65 to die from the flu.  The 40 year old San Jose mother of three died only a few days after coming down with the flu.  Katie’s sister Amber reported that her sister was “fine on New Year’s Eve, …

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Is There Hope For My Computer?

This can’t be good.  One moment I was posting to Facebook, the next I was looking at a blur of pulsating shadowy lines on the display of my well-worn desktop computer. Is it over?  Have I lost everything?  Will I be able to recover the million points of data that …

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How Do You Stop A Roach Invasion?

How can something so small be such a menace to so many?  We found this roach in my mother-in-law’s kitchen.  It’s a sign they’re lurking and multiplying in some warm spot behind the refrigerator or lodged between the folds of brown paper bags in her pantry.  What do you do …

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