Celeste Perry

Weeknights (7PM – 12 Midnight)

I landed my first radio gig at a full-tilt rock station when I was still in college. I’ve worked at a bunch of really cool radio stations over the years but I’ve always wanted to get back to my roots. Bring on the Led Zeppelin, The Stones and Aerosmith. I’m thrilled to be at KFOX playing the Best Music that ever was! I’ve lived in Bay Area since the 80s’ and have seen some amazing live shows here, one of my all time favorites–The English Beat opening for The Clash at the Civic Auditorium. Were you there? My husband and I have two sons and one ridiculously spoiled rescue dog. My boys live in Brooklyn now, which is a very cool place to visit, particularly if you like beer gardens, bagels and pizza. We love hiking and biking around the great outdoors, but I’m equally happy to stay indoors and binge on Netflix for days on end.

Besides my life on the radio, you can also catch me on KOFY TV. Hawaii is my hometown, so I’m always looking for some “ono” Hawaiian BBQ–maybe I’ll see you in line at L & L one of these days.

Mini Lounge Chair For Kids.

Would you buy your child this lounger?  It comes complete with a slot for their milk bottle or juice-box.  I know it’s adorable, but I fear we’re sending the wrong message to our kids if we start them out in life with their own personal long chair.  No one wants …

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Bad Fashion

Why did we think we needed GIANT shoulder pads?  Clearly, I succumbed to the fashion statement of the moment and paid good money for a blazer with shoulders the size of small ottomans.    

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Video: Will Durst Visits KFOX

Will Durst dropped by the KFOX studios to talk about his Big Fat Year End Kiss Off Comedy Show XXV and everything else that was on his mind, including my cautionary tale that will keep you safe this holiday weekend.    

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What Is Your Favorite Doughnut?

Doughnuts make me weak in the knees.  They’re a fine breakfast food, a nice afternoon snack and a perfect late night binge. When there’s a box of donuts in the lunch room, you have to dive in and enjoy their doughy sweetness. As you can see one of my co-workers …

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How Old Is Your Dog?

My veterinarian has a bulletin board in his waiting room pinned with pictures of some of his oldest patients. Although it depends on size an breed, most of us can expect our beloved pooches to live between 10-13 years.  We all hope it’ll be longer.         Are …

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Los Gatos Pub Closing After 38 Years

C.B. Hannegan’s is closing it’s doors for good on Thursday, Dec. 28.  After 38 years, the beloved pub on Bachman Avenue in Los Gatos will host closing festivities beginning at 5pm.  For details click Hannegans           

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