Celeste Perry

Weeknights (7PM – 12 Midnight)

I landed my first radio gig at a full-tilt rock station when I was still in college. I’ve worked at a bunch of really cool radio stations over the years but I’ve always wanted to get back to my roots. Bring on the Led Zeppelin, The Stones and Aerosmith. I’m thrilled to be at KFOX playing the Best Music that ever was! I’ve lived in Bay Area since the 80s’ and have seen some amazing live shows here, one of my all time favorites–The English Beat opening for The Clash at the Civic Auditorium. Were you there? My husband and I have two sons and one ridiculously spoiled rescue dog. My boys live in Brooklyn now, which is a very cool place to visit, particularly if you like beer gardens, bagels and pizza. We love hiking and biking around the great outdoors, but I’m equally happy to stay indoors and binge on Netflix for days on end.

Besides my life on the radio, you can also catch me on KOFY TV. Hawaii is my hometown, so I’m always looking for some “ono” Hawaiian BBQ–maybe I’ll see you in line at L & L one of these days.

TBT: What the Flock?

Nothing says Christmas like paper pulp, fiber, cornstarch and boron.  Those are the essential ingredients in flock, the sprayed-on ‘snow’ used to decorate Christmas trees. Snow was a novelty in Hawaii which is why I begged my parents to buy a flocked tree one year.  This is my mother and …

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Fries-Only Restaurant Coming to Santa Clara

C’mon, you know it’s the fries, that’s why we bother with the rest of the meal so we can eat the fries.  Get Fried, Fry Cafe is coming to the rescue, opening a location on Great America Parkway next to Levi’s Stadium.  There’s a style of fry for every tastebud …

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Map: Santa Clause Visits Milpitas 12/18

Santa is making a special visit to Milpitas on Monday evening December 18 from 6-8.  The Milpitas Fire Department will escort Santa as he travels in a circle around town.  Listen for Christmas music and sirens to know that Santa is approaching.  Click on this link for the map of …

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Prankster Cements Head In Microwave

Straight from the Don’t-Try-This-At-Home instruction manual, YouTube prankster Jay Swingler cemented his head in a microwave and–SURPRISE! it got stuck.  Firefighters and paramedics were called to release the stunt enthusiast’s head from the appliance.  

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12/8/1980 The Day John Lennon Died

I was working the night shift at a radio station in Honolulu.  From time to time I’d step outside to check the newswire.  It was a Monday, typically a pretty slow night, but this evening would be very different. There was bulletin about a shooting involving John Lennon and within …

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#TBT Watch 1972 San Jose Time Capsule

See San Jose from the eyes of student filmmaker Louis Ventura, Jr.  The film, from 1972 features the “Theme from Shaft” as its background music, and is full of images you’l recognize.  You’ll especially enjoy Louis’ voice-over narration.    

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My Favorite Cookie Recipe on National Cookie Day

Not much can go wrong when you combine butter, sugar, eggs, flour and chocolate.  Today is National Cookie Day and various businesses including Mrs. Fields and Whole Foods are offering deals, click COOKIE for details. My favorite cookie has its origins in the 2000 Presidential campaign. Laura Bush and Tipper …

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Who’s Smarter: Dogs or Cats?

My cat-loving friends are convinced their feline companions are highly intelligent, while I’m certain my dogs are clearly smarter than any purring kitty. Now scientists have a tool to count neurons in animals leading them to proclaim that dogs have twice as many neurons as cats.  For perspective, the cerebral …

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