Celeste Perry

Weeknights (7PM – 12 Midnight)

I landed my first radio gig at a full-tilt rock station when I was still in college. I’ve worked at a bunch of really cool radio stations over the years but I’ve always wanted to get back to my roots. Bring on the Led Zeppelin, The Stones and Aerosmith. I’m thrilled to be at KFOX playing the Best Music that ever was! I’ve lived in Bay Area since the 80s’ and have seen some amazing live shows here, one of my all time favorites–The English Beat opening for The Clash at the Civic Auditorium. Were you there? My husband and I have two sons and one ridiculously spoiled rescue dog. My boys live in Brooklyn now, which is a very cool place to visit, particularly if you like beer gardens, bagels and pizza. We love hiking and biking around the great outdoors, but I’m equally happy to stay indoors and binge on Netflix for days on end.

Besides my life on the radio, you can also catch me on KOFY TV. Hawaii is my hometown, so I’m always looking for some “ono” Hawaiian BBQ–maybe I’ll see you in line at L & L one of these days.

Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner

Tomorrow will be a stuff-fest, and I mean that literally. I will stuff my face with stuffing and all the other Thanksgiving foods too numerous to mention.  While it could be argued that the best way to prepare would be to stuff my face tonight, I’m taking a different approach …

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Make It: Cranberry Sauce

Did you grow up eating canned cranberry sauce?  Sure you did. So did and I, and it was delicious, particularly the next day, sliced thin and slipped into a leftover turkey sandwich.  I still like the cranberry-jell-in-a-can, but I’ve also learned to love the homemade variety. Here’s the recipe my …

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Zen in the Midst of Turkey Chaos

Typically, my local grocery store is pretty quiet in the middle of the day, but this is the Monday before Thanksgiving so I encountered a little bit of crazy when I dropped in to get tonight’s dinner. The serious Turkey Day shoppers were already there loading their carts with potatoes, …

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Famous Veterans

Before they were well-known to us they sreved our counrty in the military. Jimi Hendrix Bea Arthur  Tony Bennett Ice-T Woody Guthrie Elvis Presley Johnny Cash George Carlin Steve McQueen Humphrey Bogart Morgan Freeman Chuck Norris Mr. T Clint Eastwood Oliver Stone Pat Sajak Marvin Gaye Hugh Hefner Bill Cosby Johnny …

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Free Meals and Deals For Veterans

As a small gesture of thanks business across the country are offering free deals, meals and services to veterans.  Here’s a list VeteransDeals Some of the participation business are listed below, and it’s probably a good idea to check if your hometown location is participating. Applebees Olive Garden Chili’s Denny’s  …

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Pitcher Roy Halladay Dies In Plane Crash

Roy Halladay who won two Cy Young Awards, pitched a perfect game and playff no-hitter died today when his plane crasehd off the coast of Florida.  Here’s video of the news conference and for more on the story, click this link:  RoyHalladay   Video of Former MLB pitcher Roy Halladay …

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