Chris Jackson

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I love livin’ in the South Bay!  I was born and raised in San
Jose (Leland High/San Jose State), as were my son and daughter.

My first concert @12 years old:  AC/DC opening for Aerosmith (still my

I played lead guitar and keys in local bands like Hot Ice, Starrider, Alibi,
and 3 Dicks & A Jane at South Bay clubs like Mountain Charley’s, Britannia
Arms, and Keystone Palo Alto. I even played solo piano at a few thousand Happy
Hours in the Hedley Club at Hotel De Anza in San Jose.

I love working at KFOX because it’s a thrill for me to play guitar on the air
every morning, the staff and listeners love to rock, and we all still love
livin’ in the South Bay for the sun, fun, short ride to the beach, and late
night runs to Taco Bravo on Bascom 🙂

Why I just went to the YMCA

So what brings me to the East Valley Family YMCA on White Rd. in San Jose?  My guitar, and KGB!  Well, not THEE KGB. This KGB: “KFOX Gives Back”. I used to swim at the YMCA, and my kids took swim lessons at the YMCA (including the one on The …

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Most important room backstage

The pic shows my selfie (@Shoreline this past Saturday night) in a rockstar’s most important room backstage. Because looks matter in rock & roll, right? After I left, the likes of Night Ranger, Peter Frampton and Steve Miller were clear to clean up and look clean. We called it our KFOX Summer SendOff …

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Best place to get a tattoo in the South Bay?

I haven’t gotten one yet, but if I wanted a back-to-school tattoo like an apple (for the teacher) or a yellow (school) bus, where should I go to get it?  I found this place, Daruma Ink, at Snell & Blossom Hill in San Jose. I actually went inside, but they didn’t …

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Would you eat this?

Fudge Puppies?  Never heard of ’em…until this past weekend @Santa Clara County Fair.  Fudge waffles, basically.  Ah, Fair food: corn dogs, Funnel cakes, and cotton candy. I saw it all over the weekend…SAW..not ATE  🙂 – Chris Jackson     

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Why it’s not easy to say goodbye

I’ve been “selling” my Fender Telecaster for years.  What do you have trouble selling? For us guitarists, it’s tough to sell a guitar because it was tough to find it in the first place. You don’t buy a guitar without playing it, and you have to pick up and play …

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Best burger in the South Bay

I took that pic at Kirk’s Steakburgers on Bascom in Campbell last night. Great burgers! Another South Bay fav is Clarke’s Charcoal Broiler in Mountain View.  My fav is Armadillo Willy’s mushroom burger medium rare; however, I’m more than willing to back to Kirk’s and Clarke’s for further comparison 🙂    …

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