Cold Game

The temperature Minneapolis this morning was 1 degree below zero with a wind chill factor of -29 degrees below zero! No one in their right mind goes outside in those conditions. I skied once when it was -28 below zero and there was a sign on the ski lift that warned “exposed flesh can freeze within two minutes”.  It’s January and it supposed to be cold in Minnesota, except this week the city is hosting the NFL championship game. From what I am seeing on television, all the events are being held indoors. The crew from ESPN were broadcasting from a set inside the Mall of America which seems pretty strange to me as you could see the food court in the background. When the game was played at Levi’s stadium two years ago, there were events held all over the Bay Area and most were outside. Of course the game will be played indoor at the U.S. Bank Stadium which opened in 2016 and it looks like a beautiful stadium. But I get the feeling that this will be the last “cold weather” city to host the game for a while. The next three games will be hosted by Atlanta in 2019, South Florida in 2020 and Los Angeles in 2021.

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