Engagement Ring Shopping!!

After working on the radio in The Bay Area for 15 years, I’ve memorized the Shane Co. commercials. “In Cupertino, San Mateo, Novato and Walnut Creek, online at Shane Co dot com.”  My girlfriend and I have been together for 3 years, we’re raising 3 kids together and share everything with each other.  It was time to finally head over to my buddy Tom Shane’s place in Cupertino.  I know diamond rings are expensive.  I guess I had no idea just how expensive.  It was interesting to learn about how price is determined.  I figured the size of the diamond would be the main determining factor.  Guess again…I saw a 2 karat ring that was the same price as much smaller rings because it has, “inclusions.”  These are imperfections in the rock that look like tiny stains that YOU CAN’T SEE with the naked eye.  So I straight up asked her…are you ok with a HUGE ring that has some inclusions that you can only see through a magnifying glass?  Her response…ABSOLUTELY!  I’m a lucky guy!  Now I’ve gotta save my money.

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