Engineering a Broom

Brainstorming ideas over beers in bars, a pair of Canadian engineers came up with an idea to make a better broom. Not for sweeping around the house, but to be used in the sport of curling.  For most of us, the only time we see curling is during the Winter Olympics where competitors slide polished granite rock across a sheet of ice.  The broom is use to help guide the rock by slightly increasing the temperature of the ice while creating micro scratches on the surface.  But Andrew Flemming and Geoff Fowler had an idea to use technology to improve a sport who origins date back to the 16th century.  Apparently there has long been a debate with competitors if it’s important to sweep faster or harder or even what angle to hold the broom. So they attached four sensors and an accelerometer and the SmartBroom was invented. At first, only The Canadian teams were allowed to use SmartBrooms but after Canadian men and women swept gold at the Sochi Olympics, almost all the teams will be using the SmartBroom.

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