Your Favorite South Bay Restaurants

Next month, east coast out-of-towner friends will be visiting and they’re convinced that South Bay is too hipster and “Silicon-Valley-ish” to have any old-school restaurants. Yeah right. They’re Italians from Philly and New York so they clearly have an opinion, but you and I both know they’re ignorant when it comes to our restaurants-LOL!

I plan to take them to Original Joe’s downtown, but I wanted to have some other “go-to’s” as they are fans of eating out and taking in the local vibe.  I took to Facebook LIVE to ask your opinion…some great suggestions came up including Tony DiMaggio’s, The Poor House, Wing’s, El Burroand Mama Mia’s just to name a few.   What would be your favorite? And…it doesn’t have to be Italian 🙂 NN

Favorite San Jose/South Bay Old School Restaurant

Nancy is LIVE: What’s your favorite old school restaurant in San Jose or the Southbay? My east coast out-of-town guests think everything might be too “shee-shee” Silicon Valleyish here – LOL Nancy Newcomer KFOX

Posted by KFOX on Thursday, March 8, 2018

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