First Cracker Ever Made

As part of your snack spread for the big game today, if you want to serve up some snack history to go along with Tom Brady making history, you’ll serve the oldest cracker ever made. I’m including crackers that aren’t being made anymore. Is the oldest Chicken In A Biskit, which was first made in 1964?  Or, is it Triscuit?

The winner is Triscuit: they were first made in 1903!  I know they’re both still being made today, because I took that photo yesterday at a grocery store here in San Jose.  My taste buds prefer Triscuit with peanut butter, but I have to say,  those Chicken In A Biskit crackers have so much flavor on their own, they’ll work in pinch when you’re out of cracker toppings–about midway through the 3rd quarter.


Go Eagles!


– Chris Jackson



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