How To Get Your Dog To Take His Meds

Veto is in the cone-zone again. He has butt-infection (I’ll spare you the details) and while he heals he needs to be contained inside his plastic lampshade. The trouble is he needs to take little canine pills, and he’s refusing. He nearly bit my hand off today when I attempted placing the medicine gently down his throat. My husband took over–wearing protective oven mitts–but that was a useless effort, however entertaining to witness.

I’ve tried grinding the pills and spreading the magic dust over his food, but he sniffs out the foreign substance, licks the kibble and then launches into a full throttle coughing, choking spasm. While Veto spits, snarls and gives me the evil eye, I call the vet to find out how to get my feisty little patient to take his bitter pill. I report that I’ve tried all the usual methods, hiding it in all his favorite foods including peanut butter, string cheese, cream cheese even a pat of Kerrygold Pure Irish butter. Nothing.

Thankfully our vet’s office is just down the street and Veto is now in Daycare getting his medication administered by a professional pet handler.  In the meantime I’m still searching for the perfect disguise for his meds.




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