Happy Birthday To This Album

Van Halen’s first album was released 40 years ago today, 2/10/1978. Every song on the album is awesome, and the guitar playing broke new ground.  About a year after it’s release, I saw Van Halen at one of their two concerts at the San Jose Center For Performing Arts, Friday and Saturday nights, 4/6/79 and 4/7/79.

I can’t remember which night I went, but I remember they played about half the songs from that first album, and half the songs from their second album. It was a great concert, and Eddie Van Halen impressed me so much that I decided as a guitarist I would not pursue his particular style. I couldn’t even figure out where to get started down that path, so I went down the Michael Schenker/Carlos Santana path instead.

Happy Birthday Van Halen I!


– Chris Jackson




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