Hottest City in the Bay Area?

Have you ever endured the highest temperatures in the Bay Area just to eat a great steak? People do that when they eat at Cattlemens. You may have driven by it and not even known it’s there. It’s right by Boomers! miniature golf on 580, just a few miles east of 680. During the summer, only Gilroy and Morgan Hill come close to the heat in Livermore.

With that in mind, and with gas prices are predicted to rise this summer, would it be worth it to drive from the San Jose area to Livermore to eat an awesome steak at Cattlemens?

Is there a better steak in the San Jose area?  Morton’s in downtown San Jose comes to mind, but prices are almost twice as high. After factoring in the savings in gas, choosing Morton’s gets easier. Plus, you can walk off some of those calories at Caesar Chavez Park after your meal without overheating five minutes in.


– Chris Jackson




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