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I did THIS for my child #bullying

As I look at this recent pic of my kids with me, I can’t imagine the loss the parents of Rosalie Avila must feel today. Yes, there has been another tragic loss to school bullying: this time it’s 13-year old Rosalie in SoCal. Parents–there are other (paid AND free) education options…I know, because I used this option in my family.

There are public charter schools and public online schools. There are combinations of the two. Parents should expect others in the circle family and friends to be against pulling the child out of the school where the bullying is happening. Expect the school to be against it too. But stay strong and act ASAP (the new school will be helpful).

When I did this, I remember I was the only one who thought it was necessary ASAP. I’m glad I did it ASAP, and my kids are too.

Schools SAY they will handle your child’s bullying problem. But Rosalie’s parents went to the school and though the school tried, Rosalie was not helped. The schools mean well, but are not trained or equipped to save a life in this way.

One thing all parents can do is be present on campus as much as possible. Let the other students see you with your child. In my case, when the other students would walk by with their parents, I’d introduce myself as a fellow school parent and I’d be sure to say I love to come to the school with my child when I can because my child and I are very close and love to hang out. I’d say I’m so grateful for having a parent-child relationship where we tell each other everything. I’d say how I’d do anything for my kids, Tyler and Sarah (I’d smile and be nice and show interest in the other families as well). The bullies learned that my kids come as a package deal – with me. Too much trouble there. Not worth their time. Bullies like easy marks without future complications.

I figured two things:

1) If the other kids/parents liked ME, they might not bully my child.

2) Bullies only pick on the stray, isolated kids (the easiest prey). This is the same with lions in the wild – they COULD go after the strong animals, but they go for the weakest one that’s separated from the pack.

If I can be of help to you and your family, please let me know.

– Chris Jackson

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