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Hey it’s Joey, I’ve been living in The Bay Area doing radio for about 15 years.  I’m a dad, I like fitness and eating.  I’m struggling to do enough fitness to account for all the eating.  I’ve been a Crossfit Coach for 5 years and love it.  I sometimes work out at Nor Cal Fit on Steven’s Creek, if you ever try Crossfit, I might see you there.  Some of my favorite South Bay spots are, Santana Row when I’m feeling fancy, House of Pizza and Falafel Drive-In.  When I want pupusas, I hit up Restaurante y Pupuseria el Aguila on San Carlos.  For tacos, It’s La Vics with that orange sauce.  My favorite KFOX band is Aerosmith which was the first concert I ever attended.  Close second, The Mighty Metallica.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes are NOT gross!

A woman called into the show and said she got her money back after she bought a Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks.  People rave about these things, but she thought it was gross.  After that, I wanted to try one.  I drank one when they first came out 15 years …

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A new and bizarre way to relax

What do you do to relax?  Lock yourself in a room and meditate? Yoga?  Video games, or do you listen to a police scanner with relaxing music in the background?  What?!  Yea, looks like this is a thing.  There’s a website called, youarelistening.to that has that!  Take a listen to …

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Free Activities With The Kids!

With how insanely expensive things are in The Bay Area, I’ve been taking the kids out every weekend for FREE activities.  We live in a place where people take vacations!  Why Shouldn’t we treat our weekends like vacations and use them as learning experiences at the same time?   Last …

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What should be on “Do You Know San Jo?!”

Do You Know San Jo is a segment we do every weekday at 7:20am.  I give you 3 clues, if you’re caller 25 with the correct answer, you’ll win a prize.  We usually give you concert tickets.  If you have any suggestions for Do You Know San Jo, just let …

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