Hey! I’m Karina! I’m a Native Texan but I’m super stoked to be in the South Bay! I’m a rock music junkie who loves going to concerts! Shoreline Amphitheater is my second home, they’re just unaware of it.

I’m new to the Bay so I’m going to need your help on finding out all the good spots to hang out! Tacos give me life and so far I’m loving the ones at Tacos El Compa Taqueria. I love FOOD, cats, and the beach. (Actually, probably in that order.) I’m a huge comic book nerd, so much that I have an Iron Man tattoo.

My fave KFOX bands have got to be: AC/DC and Foo Fighters.

John McCain has Passed Away at Age 81

Senator John McCain passed away Saturday afternoon at the age of 81 after a year long battle with brain cancer. McCain lived an extraordinary life. He was the son and grandson of naval admirals, and was a naval pilot himself. In 1967, McCain’s plane was shot down and he was …

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What Has Your Pet Destroyed?

We love our pets. They can really be the best, but they’re still little trouble makers sometimes. A mom in the U.K. got her kids a hamster last week. While she was transporting it home, it got loose in the car. It’s now spent the last week destroying the interior …

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