Hey! I’m Karina! I’m a Native Texan but I’m super stoked to be in the South Bay! I’m a rock music junkie who loves going to concerts! Shoreline Amphitheater is my second home, they’re just unaware of it.

I’m new to the Bay so I’m going to need your help on finding out all the good spots to hang out! Tacos give me life and so far I’m loving the ones at Tacos El Compa Taqueria. I love FOOD, cats, and the beach. (Actually, probably in that order.) I’m a huge comic book nerd, so much that I have an Iron Man tattoo.

My fave KFOX bands have got to be: AC/DC and Foo Fighters.

What’s Something You Lost in a Break Up?

We’ve all been through it. Break-ups. They’re the worst! You go through some heartbreak and sometimes don’t even make it out of the break-up with everything you went into it with. No, I’m not just talking about losing your dignity (because some of us do end up losing that). I’m …

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Bud Light is Trolling Cleveland Browns Fans

Bud Light has some serious jokes! They’ve decided to troll Cleveland Browns fans by placing refrigerators filled with FREE BEER in bars all over Cleveland. That sounds amazing, right? Free beer. Football. Where’s the trolling? Well… These refrigerators won’t open until the Cleveland Browns win their first game of the …

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What Kind of French Fries are the Best?

There was a story earlier this week about a fast food place in Maine who keeps on getting threatened because they changed their fries. The company decided to switch from “Crinkle-cut fries” to “straight fries” to save money. Since the change, they’ve been dealing with “disturbing and hostile” customers. Personally, …

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