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How many pairs of shoes do YOU own?

We cleaned the house the weekend.  While I was pretending to work and organize the closet, I started counting how many pairs of shoes my girlfriend has.  I came up with 54.  I counted my shoes too, I have 37 pairs.  I only actually wear 3 pairs of them.

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My Non Traditional Mother’s Day Plans

My plans for Mother’s Day are pretty simple.  The kids and I are gonna serve mom breakfast in bed and present her with $300.00.  This is when we will promptly leave the house for the whole day.  We’re giving mom exactly what she asked for! My mom lives in Southern …

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Have you or would you ride one of these?

These things look so fun.  I’ve talked to numerous people on the streets of San Jose about their experiences on these scooters.  One guy said, they go way faster than you might think.  Another dude told me it’s a good way to get around.  Everyone agreed that it’s fun.  There …

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What’s your “go to” night time snack?

What’s your midnight snack?  Please say Oreos and milk, that sounds awesome.  Unfortunately I’ll have to live vicariously through you for a while.  I’m dieting and my choices last night were, an orange or carrots dipped in almond butter, which sounds absolutely repulsive.  I went with the orange.  

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Favorite spot to chill in San Jose

It’s been around a long time, as a matter of fact, The San Jose Municipal Rose Garden was founded in 1927.  I keep finding myself spending time here.  It’s pretty quiet and insanely beautiful!  

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Guns N’ Roses Are Releasing A TON Of Music!!

Guns N’ Roses just announced the release of a 30th anniversary edition of Appetite For Destruction with a ton of unreleased tracks on June 29th! There are going to be a total of 73 songs and 49 unreleased songs on the super deluxe edition. One track, “Shadow Of Your Love” …

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Would you try this?

This is my fearless 9 year old son.  Granted, he’s just feet off the ground, but you’re not gonna see me trying this.  The woman helping him was just hanging out at Plaza De Cesar Chavez.  After his lesson, I offered to give her a few bucks for her time. …

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