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Make your BED!

This is a mystery to me. I make the bed because my significant other tells me to. I leave the house at 4:30am, she leaves at 5am and we don’t get home till bed time. As a result, no one is enjoying the fruits of my labor. No one is …

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Have you ever surprised someone at the airport?

I was on soccer dad duty for the last 10 days while mom was on vacation in Thailand.  We wanted to surprise her at the airport when she walked out.  We went to Office Depot, got some poster boards and made up some signs.  I didn’t know that at the …

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If you could choose your drivers license pic, would you?

I know, my drivers license picture is SCARY! The last time I got pulled over, the cop laughed! There’s legislation in Sacramento that would allow you to CHOOSE your drivers license picture. You could take more than one pic at the DMV and decide which one you like. Of course, …

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Would you paint your house teal?

I love The San Jose Sharks as much as the next guy.  I don’t know if I’d be willing to paint my house teal!  These guys have to keep it teal for one year.  Gotta say, this is about as nice looking as a teal house can be!  

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KFOX’s Sharks Hotline

Show your support for the San Jose Sharks by leaving a message at 855-SJ-SHARKS (855-757-4275), then listen at night (even on the weekends) 7pm-10pm as we may air your message on 98.5 KFOX. Feel free to talk smack about the other team and be sure to leave your first name …

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Sharks Round 2 Tickets!

The Duck Hunt is over, the Anaheim Ducks have been defeated, and your San Jose Sharks are advancing to Round 2 to face the Vegas Golden Knights. Get your tickets to Round 2 with this 24 hour pre-sale access code 18KFOX , before tickets go on sale to the general …

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