Lady Looks Like a Dude

I usually ignore Facebook quizzes, polls and gimmicks, but this one lured me in. Kuezz has a funny little program that lets you see what you’d look like as the opposite sex.  My friend Linda posted her results and  looks fabulous as a man…she/he looks like a TV news reporter. Then there’s Nick Steele, the morning man on our sister station KOIT. In his words “I look like a beat up version of my sister”. Then there were my results…not so pretty (or handsome). I especially enjoy the fact that they took liberties and adding a “porn stash”. My own brother is waaaay better looking than me as a dude…so is my dad and my son. I wouldn’t even date me–LOL!

If you’d like to give it a go, click here: Gender/Bender

Linda’s results:

Nick’s results…OMG:


For the record…here’s my dad as a younger man:

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