The Loudest CD Ever

When I heard Best Buy, and possibly Target plan to stop selling CDs, I ran out to Best Buy on Curtner Ave. in San Jose to see if they still had copies of the loudest CD ever. I figure it could be rare and valuable someday. I bought it. It has “Cryin'” and “Livin’ On The Edge” on it, and I’m now going to share with you why Aerosmith’s “Get A Grip” is the loudest CD ever!

When a band finishes recording a CD, audio engineers called audio “mastering” engineers attempt to make the CD louder than all the others. They use their ear, along with special software and special machines. They precisely adjust the bass and treble for each instrument and singing voice. They try to create room for some instruments to be turned louder than others.

To do this, they have to turn the volume of the treble and bass of some instruments lower than for others. This creates “perceived” volume. They combine that with dynamic compression, which is compression of volume, not data compression, and they get a louder CD. The engineers on Aerosmith’s “Get A Grip” somehow did it in a way that made the CD the loudest ever.

Right now in studios all over the world, audio engineers are trying to beat the volume on the “Get A Grip” CD. But for now, bragging rights go to the boys from Boston, my favorites, Aerosmith!


– Chris Jackson




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