Memorial Day in Santa Clara

(I took above pic at the Santa Clara Veterans Memorial, Santa Clara Central Park.)

Whenever I go to Central Park in Santa Clara, I see the awesome memorial there and think about my dad Bud, my Uncle Bruce, and my Uncle Don. They all served in World War II. Uncle Bruce lost hearing in one ear from an explosive in Italy. Uncle Don suffered PTSD from his experience in trench/fox hole warfare. My mom worked the graveyard shift at an airplane factory (war planes) in Detroit (her name was Rosemary, so she was truly “Rosie The Riveter”). And just after my dad got his papers to go the South Pacific, WWII ended. Well, it ended on paper. For my dad, my mom, and my two uncles, it continued as they took their traumas, experiences, and injuries with them.

I’m so grateful for them, and I’m grateful for all of our veterans, every day. For who serve and served, and for your family and friends who do and did, thank you.

And thanks to the City of Santa Clara for your Memorial Day event today, 3:00pm-4:30pm at Central Park.

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