More Entertaining Than The Warriors?

I got to shoot hoops with “Buckets” from the Harlem Globetrotters, and he tried to teach me how to balance a spinning basketball on my finger.  It’s interesting that the first step was for him to spin it on his finger to get it going, and then transfer it, while still spinning, to my finger.  This got me used to the way it felt while spinning.

The trick with that is that he said I had to not look while he was doing it.  He was right: when I looked, the ball lost balance on my finger. When I didn’t look, it kept spinning!

I’d love to keep practicing it for hours and hours, but I’m thinkin’ I’d rather play guitar 🙂

The Globetrotters are in town in Oakland today, 1/20/18, and in San Jose tomorrow, 1/21/18. Are they more entertaining than the Warriors?  The pre-Curry Warriors, yes, but today’s Warriors give the Globetrotters a run for their money, er, confetti.



– Chris Jackson



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