Nancy Newcomer

Weekdays (12 Noon – 3pm)

Born and bred in the East Bay, I grew up with older sisters and a brother who turned me on to the the best music around. My earliest and most favorite concert memories are of Bill Graham’s legendary Day on The Green shows. For college, I headed south to Santa Barbara where I was bitten by radio bug and spent most of my radio career. Two years ago, Northern California called me back to the bay and feels like home…again. On weekends, it’s fun to escape with day trips to Napa, Marin, Santa Cruz, or Sonoma for a little hiking & biking and a sip of wine. After all those years in Southern California, I’m always seeking out the best beaches as well. Taking in a good concert is always at the top of my list along with game at the Shark tank or AT&T Park. I wear my Giants cap proudly.

10 Health Benefits of Beer

Who would have thought beer could help your heart, boost your immune system, protect your bones and more! According to Men’s Health magazine, beer is better for you than you think.  One of the more surprising finds was that beer can help lower blood pressure–wow! The full list is here: …

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