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Born and bred in the East Bay, I grew up with older sisters and a brother who turned me on to the the best music around. My earliest and most favorite concert memories are of Bill Graham’s legendary Day on The Green shows. For college, I headed south to Santa Barbara where I was bitten by radio bug and spent most of my radio career. Two years ago, Northern California called me back to the bay and feels like home…again. On weekends, it’s fun to escape with day trips to Napa, Marin, Santa Cruz, or Sonoma for a little hiking & biking and a sip of wine. After all those years in Southern California, I’m always seeking out the best beaches as well. Taking in a good concert is always at the top of my list along with game at the Shark tank or AT&T Park. I wear my Giants cap proudly.

Cranberry Sauce Debate: Canned vs Homemade

It amazes me how many people love canned cranberry sauce. It is just a sentimental attachment or do they think it actually tastes better than homemade?  For some, there is a nostaglic connection to Thanksgivings-past, but seriously, isn’t it better to go with something that is far superior and more …

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Got Ranch? Hidden Valley Offers Kegs of Ranch Dressing

Do you have a condiment-obsessed relative on your gift list this holiday season? Never fear~ Hidden Valley Ranch announced that they are selling mini-kegs of ranch dressing for the holidays. The containers hold 5 liters of ranch, cost $50 and will start shipping December 11th.  That’s America, baby! Video of Love ranch dressing? Hidden Valley …

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Does Anyone Still Use This Device?

Strolling through the KFOX business office, I noticed this wonderful IBM Selectric. I have fond memories of typing college term papers and cart labels on one of these babies~ the built-in “white out” tape was a dream come true. No more Liquid Paper–remember that stuff?  I was happy to see that this …

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Watch: Jimmy Kimmel’s Halloween Candy Prank

It’s time for Jimmy Kimmel’s annual Halloween prank where he asks parents to tell their kids that they ate all of their Halloween candy. Cruel yes, funny yes. I always have mixed feelings about this bit, but I can’t help but watch it every year…parents are mean, but I guess …

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Milestone: Joe Thornton Earns 1400th NHL Career Point

Big News for Jumbo Joe! In their November 1st game against the Nashville Predators, SJ Sharks Joe Thornton earned his 1,400th career point on an assist on a Joe Pavelski goal. Thornton is the 20th player in NHL history to earn 1,400 points.  Though Thornton has been on the list as 20th for a long …

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Pump Bump: New California Gas Prices Kick In

Get ready to dive deeper into your pockets. Starting Wednesday Novermber 1st, California drivers will pay an extra 12 cents per gallon for gasoline and an extra 20 cents per gallon for diesel. The new gas tax, approved in April, is expected to raise $5.4 billion annually over the next 10 years. Half of the …

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