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Born and bred in the East Bay, I grew up with older sisters and a brother who turned me on to the the best music around. My earliest and most favorite concert memories are of Bill Graham’s legendary Day on The Green shows. For college, I headed south to Santa Barbara where I was bitten by radio bug and spent most of my radio career. Two years ago, Northern California called me back to the bay and feels like home…again. On weekends, it’s fun to escape with day trips to Napa, Marin, Santa Cruz, or Sonoma for a little hiking & biking and a sip of wine. After all those years in Southern California, I’m always seeking out the best beaches as well. Taking in a good concert is always at the top of my list along with game at the Shark tank or AT&T Park. I wear my Giants cap proudly.

Favorite Old School Halloween Candy

Halloween, old school. What was your favorite candy when you were a kid? It’s hard to find some of this candy nowadays, but if you go online or happen upon a fun candy store, you just might score. Check out these finds…do you remember? Atomic Fireball Zots Necco Razzles Jolly …

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VIDEO: How to Carve Like a Pro

Jack-o-lantern artistry at it’s best. These pumpkins are amazing and not as hard to carve as you think…all you need are the proper tools. Watch and learn! Video of MOST AMAZING PUMPKIN CARVINGS YOU’LL EVER SEE!!! Then there are these! Video of 20 Most Detailed Pumpkin Carvings

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Sharks Fans Paint Their Houses Teal

Some hardcore Sharks fans have made the ultimate commitment by painting their houses teal. You can join the ranks by becoming an official Teal House of Sharks Territory.  Take a look at the video and gallery-these houses look great! First things first starting with the proper colors:  All 4 of these are the Official Sharks Colors~your house …

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Dia De Los Muertos in San Jose

Calvary Cemetery and the Silicon Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce host this year’s cultural and spiritual celebration honoring deceased family and friends~ Dia De Los Muertos.  Enjoy of day of music, ritual, dance, food and culture at the Calvary Catholic Cemetery this Saturday. This event is Free to the public~ for more information: …

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Nancy’s Chicken Soup

My favorite home remedy is chicken soup.  The thing that makes this a cut above the rest is using the whole chicken with all of the bones. They add extra flavor and body to the broth and along with “magical healing powers”.  Whether you’re recovering from the sniffles or just want to enjoy a …

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Scary Movie Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

The first time I saw The Shining, I was home alone on a rainy night watching the edited version on network television. I can’t tell you how scared I was even with the “cleaned up” version~ Jack Nicholson freaked me out!  Somehow I don’t think it would have been as creepy if Robin Williams played …

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Are Candy Cigarettes Legal?

While I was in Atlanta on a recent trip, I paid a visit to an incredible candy store in the Ponce Market. The shelves were well stocked with every kind of old school candy you could imagine, favorites from my childhood including pop-rocks, dots, zots, charms, wax lips and even candy cigarettes!  With …

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