Oh, your flight was delayed? What a sacrifice you made!

Whenever I hear someone complaining about a flight, I kind of roll my eyes.  How bad could that be?  Oh, you had to sit on a plane for an extended period of time.  Did you die?  Did you sacrifice it all?  But in the Phoenix hot desert sun, it kind of sucks to experience extreme delays.  I spent an amazing weekend in Boston. I had a connecting flight to San Jose airport through Phoenix.  Phoenix reportedly had to shut down part of the airport because of a suspicious vehicle.  That screwed everything up!  My flight to SJC was cancelled, so I got booked to SFO.  I got on that plane and people were already on it.  They said they’d been sitting there for 2 hours and it was HOT on that plane.  As a matter of fact, 86 degrees!  It was 104 outside!  Other passengers were smelly and mad.  One guy was complaining to a flight attendant that some guy in first class was drinking a beer and damnit, he wanted one too!  Then the captain gets on the intercom and says that the reason for the delay is because there’s no ground crew available to load the luggage.  A half an hour goes by and a crew comes to load the bags.  Now we’re getting excited because clearly we’re leaving soon, right?  WRONG.  The captains come back on the speaker and this time says the plane is overheating because it’s been sitting out in the hot desert sun for too long.  About an hour later, we all got off the plane and waited at the gate for at least another 3 hours.  I just got home 5 minutes ago!  Just kidding, but I am waiting for the airline to deliver my bag.  I guess I’ll rethink my response when someone complains about the horrors of air travel.  Bottom line, it wasn’t that bad.

This wasn’t my gate, but pretty much what the Phoenix airport looked like everywhere.



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