Oldest Building In San Jose?

You see the tower with the vines growing on it in the photo? That’s not the oldest building in San Jose, but it’s old. Tower Hall, with the awesome vines growing practically to the top, was built to replace the previous building that was damaged in the big 1906 earthquake in the Bay Area.

Yes, that infamous quake reached well beyond San Francisco. Tower Hall goes back so far that I remember it being there when I graduated from San Jose State! It’s right in the middle of campus. It was built in 1910, and still looks great today.

But, it’s not the oldest building in San Jose. That title goes to what looks like a little white house: it’s the Peralta Adobe, built in 1797. If you’ve eaten at San Pedro Square Market in downtown San Jose, you’ve probably seen the Peralta Adobe, because it’s right there in the middle of the outdoor seating. Drop by sometime and grab a bite…of history ~


–  Chris Jackson



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