Our family outing at the Alameda County Fair

Before this year, I’d never been to the Alameda County Fair.  That ended over the weekend!  I loaded up the whole family into the car, all 5 of us.  I was worried that it would be crowded and hot.  It was neither.  It was nothing but fun.  We ate corn dogs and fried Oreos…afterall it is a county fair.  The Fair is huge and we didn’t get a chance to walk the whole thing, we spent our time with the rides.  We went on the ferris wheel, did the fun house, the kids went down the enormous slide and a few other rides.  I highly recommend a ride called Turbo.  It’s frightening but exciting at the same time.  The Alameda County Fair runs through July 8th.


Family time at The Alameda County Fair! ~Joey#summer

Posted by KFOX on Saturday, June 30, 2018

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