Our family trip to the beach

While temperatures were in the upper 90’s in The South Bay Saturday, just over the hill in Santa Cruz, temps were in the 70’s!  We left the house super early, had no problem finding parking and had a blast!  It’s amazing how water entertains kids.  Granted, just a day later, we heard the news about the 2 dozen sharks spotted up the road.  On Saturday we were blissfuly ignorant.  The kids learned about sand crabs as they were everywhere!  We buried each other in the sand, ran around a lot and left tired.  On our way back, it was interesting to watch the temperature on the car’s display go from 68 in Santa Cruz to 98 in Los Gatos.  As the heat kicks in again this weekend, I wish we could do the same thing!

We had so much fun at the beach yesterday! ~Joey #santacruz #summer

Posted by KFOX on Sunday, June 24, 2018

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