Why People Still Buy Vinyl

My college-age son asked for a “vinyl player” as a gift over the holidays.  I realized he meant “record player” or “turntable,” and I searched to see if any stores still sell them. They do! From Rasputin Music in Campbell to Barnes and Noble in San Mateo (where I took the pic), turntables are for sale for as little as $80-$120.  Artists like John Mellencamp (Cougar), Foo Fighters, Rush, Bob Seger, and Van Halen are selling…vinyl!

Apparently, younger people like my son want the experience of listening to an artist’s songs in order–in the order the artist intended.  The odd way the vinyl feels and spins with a needle on it is considered cool.  And, people who didn’t grow up with vinyl are curious to get the retro experience of the pops and clicks heard when playing records.

One thing my son didn’t count on: the records being warped. Too bad. The needle jumps off warped records, and there’s no way to even listen to pops, clicks and scratches once that happens.


Happy listening!


– Chris Jackson


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