Positive Parenting

Armin Brott, a nationally recognized parenting expert, is known worldwide as Mr. Dad. He is the leading author of books on fatherhood, having written or co-written six critically acclaimed, groundbreaking books which have sold millions of copies worldwide. Armin writes the nationally syndicated column, “Ask Mr. Dad,” and hosts the “Positive Parenting” radio show.  A father of three, he lives in Oakland, California.

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What grade would you give your significant other?

Did you get nervous as a kid to get your report card?  Me too, I wasn’t always the best student.  Then you become an adult and you get performance reviews.  What if you got a review from your significant other?  What if they were brutally honest?  What grade would you …

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The Mountain View Art and Wine Festival!

I checked out the Mountain View Art and Wine Festival yesterday (Saturday 9/8) with my 10 year old son Bobby.   I heard they’d have over 500 artists and lots of great wine and beer.  I also heard that they’re expecting around 200,000 people to come through over the course …

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Best Prank Ever?

These two guys from Houston (H-TOWN REPRESENT) were at a McDonald’s in July and noticed a blank wall. They got the idea to make a fake ad featuring themselves, had it printed, snuck it into the store and then hung it up. Apparently no one has noticed it (until now) …

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