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Beer Shopper Goes Deep

When beer shopping, I’m always fascinated by all the types of brew available. Gone are the days of just Bud, Miller, Coors, & Corona. Depending on the store, you can choose from a myriad of imports, regional labels, IPA, craft beer, stouts, ales all readily available. It can be overwhelming. …

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National Popcorn Day: Beer & Popcorn Pairings

With January 19th being National Popcorn Day, we thought it might be fun to pair our favorite beers with popular popcorn flavors. Needless to say, salted and buttered popcorn pretty much tastes great with most any kind of of beer, but did you know that kettle corn pairs best with …

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VIDEO: The Best Beer Selection…Ever!

Where do you go to find the best beer in the bay area? For the largest selection, it may be worth a trip to the East Bay and the Berkeley Bowl on Heinz Ave. Check out all the beer…wow! Really, there’s something for everyone. Do you have a hot spot …

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