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Is Craft Beer Losing it’s Buzz?

Has the novelty of Craft Beer worn off? In 2017, more craft breweries closed their door than any time else in the last 10 years. Some experts postulate that it might be due to over-saturation in the marketplace. For the full report from the Brewers Association, click here.

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Beer Shopper Goes Deep

When beer shopping, I’m always fascinated by all the types of brew available. Gone are the days of just Bud, Miller, Coors, & Corona. Depending on the store, you can choose from a myriad of imports, regional labels, IPA, craft beer, stouts, ales all readily available. It can be overwhelming. …

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Under the Radar: San Jose’s Craft Breweries

How much do you love craft beer?  Lucky for San Jose residents, we have a some solid breweries right under our noses that may be “undiscovered” by the rest of the beer world…or not-LOL! Regardless, if you haven’t been to these hot spots, do yourself a favor and pay a …

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VIDEO: The Best Beer Selection…Ever!

Where do you go to find the best beer in the bay area? For the largest selection, it may be worth a trip to the East Bay and the Berkeley Bowl on Heinz Ave. Check out all the beer…wow! Really, there’s something for everyone. Do you have a hot spot …

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Cookies and Craft Beer for Santa?

Do you think Santa is sick of cookies and milk? How about changing it up this year and leaving a flight of craft beer instead. Of course, we wouldn’t want him to drive drunk, but that begs the question: Does Santa really steer the sleigh or do the reindeer take …

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