#TBT: My First Apartment

We all remember our first apartment. Mine was in Isla Vista, the community adjacent to UC Santa Barbara, where 5 of us shared a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment right across from the beach. Although it sounds glamorous, “IV” was a bit of a slum and our apartment was full of outdated avocado green appliances.  Those 2 years living with that group of girls were filled with growing pains and great memories…and we had a great stereo system!  To this day, I’m still friends with every one of them. Please note the rotary phone, bathroom scale in the kitchen and the Roger Daltrey poster over the sink.

Pictured: Renee and Cyndi. Renee went on to get her Masters-she is a licensed therapist and mental health consultant. Cyndi is a Speech Pathologist. Not pictured are Sholeh, a Phd & History professor at UC Merced and Janice, a former elementary school teacher. Oh, and me…the dj.

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