The Mens Room

The Mens Room was born one evening in a dark bar during an argument over tater tots. Months later, after all jail time had been served, all that was left was the community service. In a fortunate turn of events the judge sentenced the crew to an outreach program for troubled alcoholic loudmouths. The rest as they say is history. The party has been raging ever since and you’re all invited. If you want to learn more just tune in to the ROCK from 10pm-12am weekdays. Email us at –

FREE this summer!

Free movies, music, free art, free free free!  Over Memorial Day Weekend, I saw this posted at the beach in Capitola ~ I know Wed. 6/27 with LONG TRAIN RUNNIN’ (Tribute to The Doobie Brothers) will be awesome, because I’ve jammed with them before, and they were awesome! Looks like …

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My 3 Day Weekend…Dog Sitting

My family’s 3 day weekend will consist of taking care of 2 kids and 3 dogs.  Luckily, the kids are really interested in the dogs and do a very good job of taking care of them.   The pic below is Duke, he’s my favorite.  He is by far the …

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Engagement Ring Shopping!!

After working on the radio in The Bay Area for 15 years, I’ve memorized the Shane Co. commercials. “In Cupertino, San Mateo, Novato and Walnut Creek, online at Shane Co dot com.”  My girlfriend and I have been together for 3 years, we’re raising 3 kids together and share everything …

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My trip to The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

On Saturday, my 9 year old son Bobby and I had some time on our hands.  After living in The Bay Area for over 15 years, I finally decided to check out The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum.  First off, entry only cost us $13.00.  In the day and age of paying …

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Did YOU forget your anniversary?!

Maybe as a kid, you saw what happened when your dad or mom forgot their anniversary.  I’m not proud, but I’ve forgotten in the past.  This year, SHE DID!  She gave me so much crap last year that I was absolutely shocked when she forgot!  This might be a good …

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Science projects are supposed to be for kids to do!

Sunday was science project day at my house.  The kids chose the projects they were each interested in doing, we bought all of the materials and got to work.  The kids did most of the work themselves for the actual experiments.  The next step will be putting together a display …

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