The Mens Room

The Mens Room was born one evening in a dark bar during an argument over tater tots. Months later, after all jail time had been served, all that was left was the community service. In a fortunate turn of events the judge sentenced the crew to an outreach program for troubled alcoholic loudmouths. The rest as they say is history. The party has been raging ever since and you’re all invited. If you want to learn more just tune in to the ROCK from 2-6pm weekdays. Email us at –

VIDEO: Glimpse at Steven Tyler Documentary

In 2016, Steven Tyler released his first solo album, surprising everyone by recording in the country genre.  We’re All Somebody from Somewhere gave way to mixed reviews as he headed out on his solo tour.  In the midst of it all, director Casey Tebo filmed Tyler’s Out on a Limb tour, now a …

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When Life Give Your Lemons…..

You know the saying, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade, I’d like to adapt that to when your friend Ann gives you lemons you make lemonade, lemon curd, lemon chicken, preserved lemons and lemon cookies.  We are knee deep in lemons thanks to my friend’s bountiful tree.  The versatile …

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Bowie Statue Vandalized Soon After Unveiling

Well this sucks. Less than 48 hours after it’s unveiling in Aylesbury, England, a bronze statue of David Bowie was vandalized.  The pavement in front of the statue reads “feed the homeless first” and just behind it “RIP DB” was spray painted twice. Some of the paint landed on the …

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You Playin’ Foos Ball Behind My Back?

A couple of weeks ago, I took a trip up the coast to Sonoma County and stopped at Timber Cove Resort for lunch. Afterwards, a group of us hit the pool table and then…the Foos Ball!  Maybe I don’t get out enough, but it’s been years since I’ve even seen …

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