The Mens Room

The Mens Room was born one evening in a dark bar during an argument over tater tots. Months later, after all jail time had been served, all that was left was the community service. In a fortunate turn of events the judge sentenced the crew to an outreach program for troubled alcoholic loudmouths. The rest as they say is history. The party has been raging ever since and you’re all invited. If you want to learn more just tune in to the ROCK from 10pm-12am weekdays. Email us at – TheMensRoom@MensRoomLive.com

Summer Send Off Set Times!

Here’s a rundown of when things will happen at 98.5 KFOX’s Summer Send off on Saturday (9/29).   5:30PM-Gates open 7:00PM- The Temperance Movement performs 7:30ishPM- Joey and Chris Jackson go onstage to welcome you to Summer Send Off (throw bras at Chris Jackson). 8:00PM- Judas Priest performs 9:45PM- Deep …

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I spotted ANOTHER vintage KFOX sticker!

Drive around The South Bay for a few minutes and you’re likely to see some old school KFOX stickers.  I’ll occasionally see an old KOME or KSJO sticker too.  Yesterday I was at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center and saw this one on one of their golf carts.  I …

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Do You Know San Jo answers for the rest of the week!

Every weekday at 7:20am, we play a game called, “Do You Know San Jo?!”  I give 3 clues, if you’re caller 25 at (877) 419-KFOX, you win tix.  This week, we’re giving away tix to see Styx.  Here are your answers for the rest of the week… Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: …

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