There was a bird IN MY HOUSE!

Yesterday was a normal day.  I got home and the dog greeted me at the door.  I made some coffee and did the dishes, then I saw a freakin’ bird flying around the house.  First thing I did was grab my phone to take a video for Instagram.  Step 2 was to put the dog downstairs where he couldn’t harm the bird.  I opened the back door and the bird flew out.  I spend the rest of the afternoon cleaning up bird droppings.  How did the bird get in?  I left the patio door open for the dog.  A bird flying around the house was a first for me!  We have security cameras around the house.  When I reviewed the footage, I saw the bird come in…3 HOURS EARLIER!  The dog was chasing the bird around for about 5 minutes till he took a nap and left the bird alone.  OMG! ~Joey

This was a first. I got home and found a freakin’ BIRD in the house! ~Joey

Posted by KFOX on Friday, June 1, 2018


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