Best Place To Eat in Campbell

The Campbell Water Tower goes back further than the city of Campbell does (Campbell became a city in 1952). It used to have water in it, but does it still? There use to be two wooden water tanks, but in 1928 they were replaced by the one 75,000 gallon steel tank you see there today. It had water in it because it was important to the local farmers.

But because farming isn’t as important in the area anymore, that tank is…empty!

Campbell is still known for food, though. Great restaurants abound, like the grandparent of Campbell eating and still my pick for best in town, El Burro. Also worth checkin’ out are Orale Mex Grill, Aqui Cal-Mex, El Guapo’s, and Blue Sky.

And whenever I get the seafood skewers at Opa! or the pancakes at Stacks, I’m always sure to look over at the Campbell Water Tower. That’s probably why looking at it makes me so hungry ~


– Chris Jackson



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