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I moved to the Bay Area in 1989 and have been fortunate to be a part of the in rock radio scene since. As avid golfer, skiing fanatic, and cycling maven, I have found that the Bay Area fits my personality and lifestyle perfectly. My favorite golf course is Callippe Preserve, my favorite ski mountain is Heavenly, and I like riding my road bike along the coast, or exploring trails in the hills above Los Gatos on my mountain bike. I live in Pleasanton and love it because I am between San Jose and San Francisco, and whether I am going to a Sharks game at The Tank or a concert in the city it’s the same distance, plus I am an hour closer to Tahoe! Some of my most memorable concerts were seeing the Eagles at the Shoreline Amphitheater in 1994 during their “Hell Freezes Over Tour”- easily the most people I have seen at the Shoreline. I also “got lucky”, and was able to attended one of the 20 sold out shows Tom Petty did at the Fillmore in 1997.

Working Weekend

I just read an article that said according to a behavioral psychologist, when you make plans for your weekend it actually ruins the weekend.  It’s because once you schedule something, it makes it feel more like work.  Guess what? The weekend has always been work for me. I do my …

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See Roger Federer

Big news for tennis fans – Nineteen-time Grand Slam tennis champion Roger Federer will play his first-ever match in the Bay Area March 5th  at the SAP Center. It’s an exhibition match to support children’s education in Africa. Celebrity guests Bill Gates and Savannah Guthrie will also take to the …

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Peanut Butter Day

It’s National Peanut Butter Day, the day all of us who love this tasty spread look forward to. Although we really don’t know who came up with the idea, we do know the history of peanut butter. Early peanut butter was made by the Aztecs and Incas around 1000 BC …

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And Oscar Goes To…

How do I know? But every year at this time I do get my movie buzz on and follow which films were nominated and the ones I think deserve to win. Some of the highlights from the nominations that will be held on March 4th: “The Shape of Water” received …

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Playoff Blues

Every year I get into a football playoff pool and I usually do pretty well,  finishing in the money-or in 2015- winning it all.  But not this year. I suck this year. The pool works like this: there are a total of 11 postseason games including 4 wildcard games, 4 …

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It’s National Popcorn Day!

Today, January 19th is National Popcorn Day.  Humans have been eating popcorn for over 5000 years – Archaeologists discovered remnants of popcorn in Mexico that date to around 3600 BC! While it was always a popular snack, popcorn “popped” to consumption levels during World War II when sugar rations made …

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John’s March 2018

It’s time again for me to do another lap at Sonoma Raceway. Not in a pace car on the 12-turn road course but with my own two feet. John’s March raises money and awareness for stomach cancer, an event named in honor of the raceway’s longtime spokesman -and my good …

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Smartphone Survey

Do you use your smartphone the same way everyone else does?  Turn out I do. I found survey and answered the questions honestly and turn out that I am very much like most people when it comes to their phone. For example: I have cracked my phone screen twice, so …

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SJ Sharks Podcast

In this month’s podcast, I talk to Dan Rusanowsky about which Shark players were named to the All Star team, the Winnipeg “controversy”, how the team looks at the midway point of the season and the luxury of having two great goalies.  I hope you enjoy listening and Go Sharks!

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