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Slow Dancin’ & a Smooch with Jon Bon Jovi

Talk about a moment that you’ll never forget.  Bon Jovi played Newark, NJ on Saturday night and made one fan’s dream come true. Their hometown audience was especially loving the show, when Jon decided to walk into the crowd during Bed of Roses.  About halfway through the song, he gracefully pulled a woman from her seat, slow danced and gave her a smooch….and then the second kiss! Spontaneous or planned, I’m not sure, but I’d happily trade places with her.  Certainly, a night to remember and a story to be retold for the rest of her life.

Bon Jovi’s next stop, Cleveland…to receive their induction into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame on April 14th.

Full Broadcast of the show will be May 5th on HBO.

The entire song is well worth a watch…the dance begins at 4:42 🙂
~Nancy Newcomer

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