What Do You Miss About Not Having Kids?

My parents are super happy right now. All their kids are finally graduated and moved out of the house. They said they can finally get back to life the way it was before my brother and I ruined their fun. Haha!

Well of course I got curious and looked up if this is a common feeling for parents and turns out it is! 90% of parents say having kids was the best thing they’ve ever done. 70% admit that it was a lot harder than they thought it would be.

Here are the top 10 things parents miss about not having kids:

  1. Being lazy on the weekends
  2. A clean house
  3. Peace and quiet when watching TV
  4. Leaving the house when you want without worrying about “who’s gonna take care of the kids?”
  5. Not worrying about a budget
  6. Showering without interruptions
  7. Date nights
  8. Going to the restroom without interruptions
  9. Vacationing any time of year
  10. A good night’s sleep

What are some things you miss about not having kids?

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