What place has your favorite burger?

I just got back from a  long weekend trip to Boston.  On my trip, I got into the habit of eating a burger a day.  Normally, I’m a pretty healthy eater, I’ll have a burger twice a month as a treat.  Normally I eat the most boring food ever, a small piece of fish, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower and some hard boiled eggs.  Since getting back from Boston, I’ve decided to try out some places I’ve always been meaning to hit up.  I was in Hayward yesterday afternoon and had lunch at Casper’s Hot Dogs on Foothill.  My hot dog was decent, steamed hot dog, steamed bun.  For dinner, I took the kids to Giant Burger on Mission.  It’s a super old school place, where you order from the outside of the place through a window.  The burger pictured is what I had, their bacon double cheese burger.  It was divine!  I watched them make everything fresh and carefully assemble my 1/2 pound of beef on 2 glorious buns.  It got me thinking of who has the best burger in The Bay.  I’ve always loved he burgers at Mo’s.  But, where else should I go on “cheat days?”  What place do you like?  I’d greatly appreciate it if you dropped me a line at joey@kfox.com.



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