Where To Get Free Beer & Wine In The South Bay

The new owners of The Pruneyard Shopping Center in Campbell gave me a private tour today so I could see first hand everything new at The Pruneyard (and show me where you can get free beer and wine)! They knew I was bummed about my fav restaurant El Burro leaving, and they kindly filled me in on how the closing of Campbell’s most famous restaurant happened. Having heard it, I’m satisfied that the new Pruneyard owners had originally planned on El Burro staying on.

Then….I was shown where you can get a free beer…or glass of wine.

At V’s Barber Shop – new to The Pruneyard. One free beer or glass of wine per customer while you get your cut/shave/etc.

I now reveal to YOU where they keep the FREE beer (which is from Rock Bottom Brewery practically next door) in my video of me in V’s Barber Shop here ~

– Chris Jackson

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