WHY YOU SHOULD SEE AEROSMITH’s “50th Anniversary” Vegas Residency SHOWS

Las Vegas? Sounds like rock “light,” right? Nope. You should go see Aerosmith’s 2019 Las Vegas residency shows because they will be better than any Aerosmith show you or I have ever seen. I learned about why this is true when I saw Santana’s Vegas residency show–it was the best I’d ever seen them.

Ya see, the hotels pay for expensive audio/visual effects and get it all dialed it perfectly. The bands become comfortable with the sound and set up. The contracts require the bands to play certain songs, so you know they won’t be skipping the best ones. And, the bands are well rested (from not having to travel) and paid very well–and it shows in their performances.

Hey Aerosmith, I’m expecting the opener to be “Back In The Saddle” with Steven riding a horse out on stage for his entrance. I mean this IS Las Vegas, after all ~

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– Chris Jackson


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